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Pretty Little Photography is  a small photography business, so small in fact it is all made by ONE person, and that is me. Hopefully I will be able to set up my own shop in the future but for now you have to deal with me. Rhiannon Priest, but everyone knows me as Ri or Rhi. 


I have a huge passion for photography, especially photographing people, either it be in cosplay or fashion shots, I love capturing peoples emotion in photos. 

When it comes to education wise, I have achieved my A-Levels in Photography (August 2019) Whoop! I was always a creative student, at first it was computing, I wanted to be a games designer then a fantasy writer, then a director or a anime artist.


I studied Art and Film studies when I was in High School to then go onto Media Studies (Passed) for my first year of college. We studied Music Videos, Short Horror Films, Documentaries, Radio Interviews and our own movie posters.


We also studied in Photography and Comic Book Designs, I focused more on the photography part and that's where my passion begun. Nooow... I was always good at taking photos but I never considered it as a career.  

So. Second and Third years of College I studied Photography and I bloody loved it. Best decision of my life. It was hard but I finally found my calling in life (Cliche I know.) We studied in SO many different types of Photography such as: Pinhole, Film Photography, Darkroom, Studio(Food,Product,Fashion,Commercial,Portrait and Still Life), Landscape Photography, Studio Setup Outside, Using Programmes such as: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and InDesign., Art and Design within Photography and much more.

I met some pretty good friends along the way, and I cannot wait to see what this world throws at me. Bring it on! Explore my website and Direct Message me if you have any questions. Thanks for reading. :)


BAGC 2020

2 - 3 May 2020

Anime and Gaming Convention Located in Birmingham. Cosplay Competitions, Talent Shows, Live performances, Cosplay Guests, Stalls and Family atmosphere.




29 - 31 May 2020

London MCM is the biggest MCM in the country. Lots to do. Family friendly. Great Weekend out. Huge range of stalls, from Anime to Gaming to K-POP. 




29 - 31 May 2020

Birmingham MCM was postponed due to COVID-19. I will upload more on this issue to announce if any more Cons are being postponed or cancelled.



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